Atmosphere would like to introduce Esther Kim who is participating in ISETAN girl`s sweet project “yum yum art!”. “yum yum art!” is a collaborative project between 6 world populat girl`s artists and sweet companies. Those sweets are currently shown and available at ISETAN Department Store.
アトモスフィアでは、世界各国で活躍する女性アーティスト6人が、スウィーツの世界で競演するという企画「yum yum art!」に参加頂いたエスタ・キムさんにインタビューを致しました。「yum yum art!」のスウィーツは、伊勢丹にて展示・販売されています
1Please introduce yourself to us.

Hello, my name is Esther Kim. I’m an illustrator and designer, living in Los Angeles, by way of Tokyo.
2 Please tell us about your latest activities.

I just worked on the cover of Nylon Japan, December issue and I’m currently working on digital art project for Sony Playstation, a photo app for Mr. Chiizu and I started blogging for Girl.houyhnhnm, a Japanese fashion and culture website!
先日NYLONジャパンの12月号の表紙を手掛けばかりなのと、Sony Play StatonのMr.チーズのフォトアプリ、それから日本のファッション&カルチャーサイト、Girl.houyhnhnmでブログ(をスタートしました!
3 When / Why did you start your creative activities?

I started drawing a year before I was going to graduate from college.
I just bought a sketchbook and started drawing and never stopped. I guess it came from a desire to create something and to tell my story.
4 Please tell us the 3 most important points in the process of making your artwork

I like for my artwork to have a human touch so that you can see the pencil lines and brushstrokes of the paint. I enjoy little imperfections. I also try to draw personal things that come from my daily life. A lot of times friends will notice that I draw my own clothes and accessories or even my own hairstyle in my drawings. For the third thing I try to mix a little bit of Tokyo, K-pop, L.A. whatever I’m into at the time and make my own mix of everything.
Kポップ(Korean Pop)L.Aとその時ハマっているものをなんでもミックスようにしています。
5 What kind of things do you get inspirations from for your art making?

A lot of times I get inspired as I work. You can’t start sweating until you start running, right? No, but really, I get so much inspiration from fashion and art. Culture is a good way to see change in society and I want to document that change. Those shifts in myself and around me are like a visual diary. For instance I’ve been drawing candy-colored hair and stacked sneakers which are trends from the 90‘s that have come back but in a new way. I also love seeing people that have a really unique personal style. They really inspire me.
6 What is fashion for you?

Fashion is excitement. It is an interest in aesthetics, culture and expression. It is also a daily vehicle to express yourself. If I’m tired I wear something loose and comfortable. If I wear something I bought in Japan it tells a story of where I used to live. Whether you like fashion or not it is a daily part of our lives and says something about you.
7 How does your life in Japan and LA effect in your art making influences you as Korean Artists working / living oversea?

Living in Japan during the nineties as a teenager was so influential to me. I never thought that I would become an artist that would work with Japanese companies. It’s amazing to be able to contribute to a culture that I admire so much. The more I work I see the influence of Japan in my work such as the concept of wabi-sabi and finding the beauty in imperfection, Japanese Kawaii culture and just the ideas and standards set by the taste-makers of the 90’s.
As a Korean-American, I’ve also absorbed a lot of American and Korean influence. So even though I lived in Japan and love the culture there is something also very not Japanese about my work. But no matter where I live I find that I always end up living where there are a lot of asians. I’m definitely interested in K-pop and what is going on creatively in Korea. I’ve started to work with some Korean companies which is very exciting for me. It is wonderful to work with all these cultures that are so much a part of me.
仕事をすればするほど、「侘び寂び」など、日本のコンセプトがわたしの作品に影響してきていて、不完全さに美しさを発見したりします。それに、ジャパニーズかわいいカルチャーと90年代のスタイルメーカーたちが作り上げたテイスト全体。コリアン・アメリカンとして、アメリカと韓国のテイストも沢山吸収してきました。私は日本に住んでいたし、日本のカルチャーが大好きだし、凄く影響されたけどたけど、 だけど作品はどこか日本っぽくありません。どこに住んでいてもいつも気がつけば多くのアジア人が集まるところに住んでいます。Kポップにとても感心があるし、韓国でクリエイティブはどうなっているのかもとても気になります。最近は韓国の会社とも仕事を始めたので、とても興奮しています。自分にとって大事なカルチャーの人々と仕事をするのはとても素敵なtことです。
8 Do you have any plans you would like to do in next decade?

Wow, that is a big but great question! I really would like to go back to Asia. I’ve never lived in Korea though I’ve visited often and also would love to go to Shanghai and Hong Kong. In terms of my work I would like to create more and more! Artshows, clothes, accessories!!
I’m open to it all.
9 What is the funniest moment that made you laugh in the last 7 days?

I find that I laugh at really random things. Like when someone’s voice and facial expression is funny more than a clever joke. When someone says something in a funny voice that I like it is magic trigger for me to laugh!
I was watching a youtube clip of Matsuyama Kenichi recently after watching Norwegian Wood and his sense of humor made me laugh, too.
10 Please tell us if you have got favorite places to go in your vacation.

Well, I don’t really vacation. I just go to visit family and friends~!
Luckily they live in places I love to go to: Tokyo, Seoul, NYC~!
バケーションは行かない…友達や家族に会いに行くだけ~!ラッキーなことに、みん私が大好きなTokyo, ソウル、NYとかに住んでる~!
11 Please let us know 5 fashion brand who you admire recently.

I love the Korean brand, Fleamaddona(Jei, I want some clothes~!). I think it’s really cute! Also Opening Ceremony, G.V.G.V., Givenchy(the cat helmet!!), Sretsis(so dreamy!) and so many more!!!
韓国のブランド、Fleamaddona (Jei, 洋服ちょうだ~い!).が大好き。すっごくカワイイと思います!それにOpening Ceremony, G.V.G.V., Givenchy (ネコのヘルメット!!), Sretsis
12 If you have any comments to the audience!
Thank you so much for taking your time to read all the way down to here! I had so much fun creating sweets for the ISETAN YUM YUM SWEETS project~! Please eat them with tea or coffee while thinking positive thoughts and a big, big thank you to Isetan and Gas.
最後まで読んでくれてありがとうございます!ISETAN YUM YUM
スィーツの仕事はとっても楽しかったです!ぜひ、紅茶かコーヒーと一緒に食べながら、楽しくポジティブなことを思い描きながらお召し上がりください。それからIsetanとGasにbig big thank you.