Today, Atmosphere would like to feature the interview with YURI SUZUKI
who is a sound artist, designer and electronic musician and his works.

Portrait by Kitsune, Abake

1 / スズキユウリとは?自己紹介をお願い致します。
1 / Who is Yuuri Suzuki? Please introduce yourself.
I don’t know myself. I have interest in sound and embodiment of things.

2 / 今までにどのような媒体で、どのような作品を発表してきましたか?
2 / What sort of work do you releas, on what type of media?
I do various things, like installation for museums and corporations as commission work, make films, design products and I’ve released records as well.

3 / 今までに発表した作品及びそのコンセプトを数点、説明して頂けるでしょうか?
3 / Cold you please show us some example of your work from the past?

-Amateur Music production
これはベルリンのプロダクトデザイナーJerszy Seymourとのコラボレーションのプロジェクトです。
彼が作品を作る際良く使うScum plasticと名付けられた60度の低温で溶けるプラスティックを

This was a collaboration project with Berlin based product designer, Jerszy Seymour. We used something called the Scum Plastic, which is a type of plastic he often uses for his works, that melts in low temperature at 60℃.

The purpose of this project was for amateurs in music by to create and press their own records using this plastic. We made a master disk with a cutting machine, then made a mould for it with silicone, and poured the melted plastic into this mould to make a very simple record.

Amateur Music production : in collaboration with Jerszy Seymour Design Workshop

-White Noise Machine
このプロジェクトは、ニューデリーのKhoj Artist Assosiationという所でレジデンシーを

This was a project I did during my residency at Khoj Artist Association in New Delhi.
Out of all the cities that I’ve visited in my life, New Delhi was was the worst place in terms of noise pollution. I normally really like noise, this I could not stand.
I remembered that white noise, which is similar to the static sound on TV, cancels out noises, so I created a machine that produces the same amount of white noise as the noise outside.

White Noise Machine : photo by Yoriko Yamamura

-Colour Chaser

The Colour Chaser was a project for people with Dyslexia. We chose a concept to create music, not with a musical score, but with colour and composition.
A car in a white box runs over the black line on the paper and reads and plays the different colours drawn over the line.

Colour Chaser : photo by Hitomi Kai Yoda

4 / 現在最もフォーカスしている作品やプロジェクトに関して教えてください。
4 / Please tell us about a current project or work which you are most focused on.
I’m scheduled to present an installations at the Design Museum in London this summer.
My first book will be published this year as well, which is going to be designed by Abake. I think my sphere shaped record player which I have been working on for the past 3 years in soon going to be completed too.

24hour – sphere shaped record player

5 / ストックホルムで行われた、’Door Bell Kit’を使用したワークショップの内容や感想を教えていただけるでしょうか?
Door Bell KitはRe-Design Sound Scapeというコンセプトの下制作されたドアベルを
Re-Design Sound Scapeは身の回りにある様々な音を考え直し



Door Bell Kit

5 / Could you tell us about the workshop that was held in Stockholm using the Door Bell Kit?
The Door Bell Kit is literally a kit to make door bells using mechanics, created under the concept of Re-Design Sound Scape. This is a project about re-thinking the various sounds in our environment and re-designing these sounds. Artists, designers and musicians were invited for this workshop to re-design the sound of the door bell used as signal to let you know that someone has arrived at the door.

We had discussions about the theme of the workshop and looked at some case studies in the morning and in the afternoon we did hands on work to create the door bells using the kit.

We used a primitive mechanism for the kit so it seemed like it was easy for everyone to make the doorbell, like building Lego blocks.
Workshops are prone to lean more towards the concept, but the experience of making a physical object can bring new ideas as well.

Door Bell Kit

6 / 子供の頃に熱中していたことはなんでしょうか?
6 / Was there anything you were really into when you were growing up?
I didn’t play much outside, as both my parents were working. I liked watching videos at home and got into NY taxis through D.C. CABS, fell in love with the trombone through the Glen Miller Stories, and got interested in electronic music and scratching through MTV.

7 / dj活動やヴァイナルのリリースなどの音楽活動をされていますが

音楽は友達のプロデューサーDMX Krewの家に行ってジャムセッションをしてるうちに
7 / You are involved in music, such as releasing your own vinyl.
Are they in parallel to your design work?

I’m get asked to DJ at exhibition openings and home parties, so I DJ a lot. My friend, DMX Krew and I have jam sessions at his house and when a good tune comes out of it I often release them.

8 / 音楽とデザインの活動、共通する点はあるでしょうか?

8 / Do you find similarities in your music and art?
Please tell us the difference.

Music is just a hobby for me but I do find similarities in the process of DJ-ing and designing. (as both aims at satisfying your audience with your presentation and the story.).
At my graduation from RCA, Ron Allard who was a professor at the time told me to “play” instead of to design, which left me with an impression.

9 / 最も好きなdjを3人とその理由を教えてください。
-DMX Krew
-DJ Tasaka
DJ TASAKAさんのDJを聞いてレコードでただ音楽をかけるのではなく
-Jeff Mills
-Christian Marclay
9 / Please list 3 of your favorite DJ’s and the reason.
I have 4, is that OK?
-DMX Krew
He is a true DJ. He discovers records that no body paid attention to and gives life to it by paling them.
-DJ Tasaka
I didn’t understand the concept of dancing to a record when I was still in high school, but when I heard DJ Tasaka’s play I changed my view. DJ’s do not simply play the records but are playing them like an instrument.
I used to watch his techniques from the stairs where you could peak into the DJ booth every month at the old club Yellow in Tokyo, which is no longer there (now club Eleven).
-Jeff Mills
An extraordinary artist who handles music as material and builds music in realtime using 3 record players and a rhythm machine. His quieter play style that is very different from the aggressive tunes are truly awesome.
-Christian Marclay
He is not a DJ, but I think he is the first musician / artist who used the record player as a musical instrument. My hero.

Turntable1 : photo by Bahbak Hashemi Nezhad

10 / あなたのワークスペースを見せて下さい!!
MacBook Pro, モレスキンのノート,Uniball Signoがあればどこでも仕事ができます。

今はローザンヌにあるL HOTELでこのインタビューを書いています。
10 / Please show us your work space!

I travel a lot for my work and don’t get to stay in one place for a long time, so I don’t have a stationary workspace. I can work from anywhere if I have my MacBook Pro, Moleskin notebook, and Uniball Signo.

Right now I am answering the questions to this interview at the L Hotel in Lausanne.