From 19th of December, Katsuki Tanaka’s solo show ‘I shall be Van Gappo! the life of Katsuki Tanaka, — the artist of fire’ is on show at CALM & PUNK GALLERY.
12月19日(金)より、西麻布CALM & PUNK GALLERYにてタナカカツキ個展「炎の画家タナカカツキの生涯〜わだはガッポになる」が開催。
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This is a landscape.
We see the beauty in nature’s symmetry, patterns, textures and shades, in flowers or insects or other things. Art began by attempting to extract such beauty. Advances in science and technology widened methods of artistic expression, producing new ideas of art. Katsuki Tanaka has likewise been inspired by recent technological advances.
The artist discovered the beauty of nature when he was small. Whilst making landscapes for this exhibition, he asked himself “what do I find beautiful?” The pieces themselves have a moving effect on the audience, but can also be enjoyed as a way of communing with nature.
Pieces featured in the exhibition include a large-scale landscape meticulously hand painted as well as an 8 hour long stop frame animation film comprised of 81,000 images. The exhibition will be full of ideas from the artist, who works using a wide range of media including lenticular 3D cards, manga comics and film.
Katsuki Tanaka
‘I shall be Van Gappo! the life of Katsuki Tanaka, — the artist of fire’
19th December 2008 – 1st February 2009

(Please note that the gallery is closed from 29th Dec to 4th Jan)
Opening reception: 19th December 2008, 7–9pm
Opening hours: 11am–7pm
Admission Free
会期 : 2008年12月19日(金) 〜 2009年2月1日(日)
※12月19日(金) 18:00 – 21:00にオープニングパーティーを開催いたします。
※2008年12月29日(月) 〜 2009年1月4日(日)は休館とさせて頂きます。
時間 : 11:00 – 19:00
入場 : 無料
会場 : CALM & PUNK GALLERY (カームアンドパンクギャラリー)
〒106-0031 東京都港区西麻布 1-15-15 浅井ビル1F
TEL : 03-3401-0741