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yumi yoshimoto

flowers begun to perform in 1995, heralded by Yumi Yoshimoto. By changing cast for every production, the flowers dance collective have created many multidimensional and unique pieces. Refusing to restrict their activities to established theatres, they have performed in a variety of unique venues; reading rooms, abandoned buildings, garages – wherever they were attracted to.
makoto matsushima
Performer, art director, producer
Makoto Matsushima was a member of a Japanese dance company Pappa TARAHUMARA for 23 years. He participated in most of the company’s productions as a main performer and an artist. He left the company in 2006, and now works on a freelance basis.
Matsushima began performing as a solo artist in 1995. His work is based on his own belief of ‘KOKOROMINOKOKORO’. His endeavours stretch beyond drama and dance, into art, 3-D objects, voice, direction, musicals and choreography for commercial films. Recently he has put emphasis on an intense 1 to 1 collaboration.
gen ogimi
In 1981, Ogimi won an award in the YAHAMA EAST WEST competition.
In 1984, he formed his own band Orquesta de La Luz, praised by local Hispanics in New York. After returning to Japan in 1996, he formed SALSA SWINGOZA and continues to play live as well as participating in gigs and recordings with other musicians.
naoki kita
Kita graduated from Kunitachi College of Music and studied composition and arrangements under Ian Gardiner in the UK, as well as studying violin under Fernando Suarez Paz in Argentina.