Atmosphereでは、マンチェスターのデザインスタジオDR.MEのプロジェクト、“365 Days of Collage”についてご紹介致します。

Atmosphere would like to inform “365 Days of Collage” that is project of design studio DR.ME in Manchester.




365 days of collageはマンチェスターにあるデザインスタジオ、DR.MEのプロジェクトです。



365 Days of Collage is a project created by DR.ME a Manchester based creative studio.

As the title suggests the studio will be creating a one off collage a day for one year, each collage is being sold through an online shop .If the collage hasn’t sold after 5 days it comes down off the shop. It will be shown in an exhibition at the end of the year. To view all of the collages so far (80) then visit here.





“We’re hoping to turn this project into a book and a touring exhibition all being well, first things first though, we’d like to make 365 collages” – Mark Edwards

Please give this project your attention.