Atmosphereでは、10月31日より東京・神田のTETOKAにて行われる東泉一郎の展覧会「the shows 5」の開催をお知らせ致します。

Atmosphere would like to inform Ichiro Higashiizumi’s exhibition “the shows 5” will be held at TETOKA in Kanda, Tokyo on 31st of October.

hig_shows#1.jpgthe shows 1 (c) Ichiro Higashiizumi


「the shows~」はシリーズの展覧会で様々な場所で展示が行われており、前回の「the shows 4」は高橋キンタロー氏のキュレーションによる映像インスタレーションでした。
“ the show~” is a series of exhibition which has been held at variety of places, and the previous one was a video installation curated by Kintaro Takahashi.

This time at the exhibition, mainly focuses on drawing installation which consists of live painting that he will improvise his vision on the spot, and experimental sketches which has been developed through his motto towards his work “To embody the moment of creating something never been created”, and his delusional sketches of scenes, creatures, vehicles, and architectures that he has been drawing ever since he was a little.


Higashiizumi has been working on the ideas of holistic solution and innovation through his work experiences of advertising, editorials, product design, space design, as well as science, engineering, art, and body language.

科学と芸術、研究機関とストリートなど、一見対局でありながらも、根本的な部分では深く繋がっているものの間を行き来することで、新しい仕組みや関係、コミュニケーションを生み出しています。アーティスト、デザイナー、エンジニアとして活動するなか、アルスエレクトロニカ(1997 年)でゴールデン・ニカを受賞した“Sensorium project”のディレクターとして世界各地で実験的インスタレーションを行うほか、2002 FIFAWorld Cup のための演出デザインワークなどを手がけています。

Science and art, research organisation and story, all these seem to be standing on the opposite side of the edges to each other, though they must be connected on the fundamental basis. To go through the both sides back and forth enable him to come up with innovative structure and relation, and communication.He has been working throughout the world undertaking an experimental installations as a director of “Sensorium Project” which has received the Golden Nica award at Prix Ars Electronica in 1997. And also, he has worked for 2002 FIFA world Cup as a director for stage effects and performance.


Opening reception will be held on the first day on friday the 31st of October.

東泉一郎「the shows 5 」
会期:2014 年10 月31 日(金)〜11 月30 日(日)
営業時間:16:00 〜23:00
イベントのある日は営業時間が変更となる場合がございます。詳しくは、TETOKA ホームページ、フェイスブックをご確認下さい。
東京都千代田区神田司町2-16  楽道庵1F
Tel: 03-5577-5309

〈オープニング・レセプション〉10 月31 日(金)19:00 〜22:00  作家来廊

〈関連イベント〉11 月1 日(土)ほか(詳細はTETOKA ホームページ、フェイスブックで告知予定)

Ichiro Higashiizumi “the shows 5”

Date: Oct.31 (fri) 〜 Nov.30(sun)
Time: 16:00~23:00(Wednesday is closed.)
*Opening hour changes due to events. Please check HP or Facebook.
Place: TETOKA 1F Rakudoan, 2-16 Kandatukasamachi, chiyodaku, Tokyo.
Tel: 03-5577-5309
[opening reception: Oct.31 (Fri) 19:00~22:00 ]
[event: Nov.1(sat)  etc.    Please check HP or Facebook.]