Atmosphereでは、communeにて5月15日より開催の森俊博 個展”+5”をお知らせ致します。
Atmosphere would like to introduce Toshihiro Mori solo exhibition “+5
which will start from 15th May at commune.


イラストレーター・グラフィックデザイナー森 俊博。
今年5年目を迎え、大阪・東京・名古屋を巡回する個展 “+5” を発表します。
Toshihiro Mori is illustrator and graphic designer. His activity welcomed 5th anniversary
and this exhibition has been showed in Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya.

アパレルブランド「motograph FABRIC」の新作発表に加え、初の作品集や
He will display his past works, new works for the exhibition and original image etc.
His fashion label “motograph FABRIC” will also be showed the new collection.
Also, he wil publish his first art book!

Please don’t miss the exhibition in Nagoya and Tokyo!

森俊博 個展 “+5”
会場:大阪 4/27ー5/10 Bodaiju Cafe
東京 5/15ー5/20 commune
名古屋 7/18ー7/26 ON READING