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Neasden Control Centre TAKE AWAY

CALM & PUNK GALLERY is proud to announce Neasden Control Centre’s first solo exhibition in Japan.
Taking its roots from the humble traditional British caff or tearoom, ‘TAKE AWAY’ explores the development, regeneration and consequent replacement of traditional aspects of British Culture and street food.
As foods and tastes have changed these venues have now almost entirely been replaced by multinational companies with generic branding. Whereas mods, rockers, teddy boys and even punks might once have felt fashionably at home in Britain’s traditional ‘caff’, today’s young Britons are more likely to be found taking American burgers or Italian coffees in outlets that retain the same appearance, regardless of location.
Once the every-man’s temples of contemplation, what essences and spirits can still be seen? Are we losing our sense of identity in favour of a homogenized global mainstream? What is it, and what was it to be British? More to the point, what happened to our values when mugs of tea and coffee suddenly went from costing pence to pounds? Do any of us truly fit in the mould of new Britain?
Japan, which has experienced two major westernisation periods in the past, also finds itself in this homogenized globalism. However, there are signs of a return of Japaneseness in our culture, synchronizing the return of Britishness in Britain.
The artist will take up the residency from 1st to the 5th of December at the gallery, creating work live and in person.
The exhibition will feature previously unseen installation work, large scale pieces on canvas paper and exclusive printed material. T-shirts and zines will also be available.