Atmosphereでは、フランス出身ロンドン在住のアートディレクターDAMIEN POULAINのTotemシリーズのCLASKA HOTELで行われた展示模様を報告いたします。
Atmosphere would like to feature the “Totem”exhibition of the LONDON based French artist Damien Poulain which was held at CLASKA HOTEL.
TOTEM is a symbol of the Mystical matter however what Poulain did was to translate and reconstructed the symbol of it into the conteporary icon. The Icon he picked up was shell (Gas shop), pokemon character “Pikachu” and so on… Each icon has different meaning on to it and it makes us look into it carefully.
DAMIENは多くのグラフィックワークも手掛けており、その中でも日本で知られているのがUNIQLO PAPERで都市をテーマにした紙を切り抜いて作成したグラフィックです。彼は、この手法で独自のグラフィックの見せ方を編み出しています。
Damien Has been working on numerous graphic project. And out of all the great works, his work done for the UNIQLO paper is known among Japanese audience. He cut out the parts of graphic which was made under the theme of the “CITY”. This technique, original and stunning, appears on his other works.
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