Atmosphere would like to announce the first solo show of Parra which will be held at Common gallery. Having great popularity in the leading London based creative consultancy “Big Active”, he became more and more popular among the world.
ロンドンの主力クリエイティブ・エージェンシーのBIG ACTIVEでも注目株で、今や世界中で人気者となったアーティスト、Parra ( パラ) の日本初エキシビションがCommonにて開催されます!
Bird-humanbeing? Man / Woman? Parra has been creating humorous characters with soft lines and pop / colorful paints. He became famous through his own fashion label Rockwell Clothing especially among young people. Since now, he showed his works in major cities around the world such as London, Paris, NY, LA, Berlin and Milano. His long-awaited show in Tokyo will be soon open and the most wonderful news is that he is visiting Japan while his show is on!
鳥人間?男女?ユーモラスで力の抜けたキャラクターを、やわらかい線とポップな色使いで描き、日本でも自身のファッションレーベルであるRockwell Clothing を通して若者の間で知名度を上げ続けているParra。これまでにロンドン、パリ、NY、LA、ベルリン、ミラノと世界の主要都市でエキシビションを開催してきました。最も喜ばしいニュースとしては、彼が来日し待望の東京エキシビションを開催することです!
The show will beheld in the COMMON gallery which was brand new opened at the cat street in Harajuku. There will be his latest art work he especially made for this show.
原宿キャットストリートにオープンしたばかりのギャラリーCOMMON にて開催される本展では、今回の為にParra が描き下ろした新作が会場を埋め尽くし、エクスクルーシブなアートショーを展開致します。
About Parra
parra by dave marshal – sturm
An underground star in Amsterdam where kids search the streets to tear down his club posters, Parra’s work is treasured by a generation of design fanatics.
Living with his painter/sculptor father, Parra grew up surrounded by colours, oil paint, wood, weird looking pictures & Rubenesque paintings. Almost entirely self taught, his minimal colour palette, beautiful hand-drawn typography & esoteric character creation are reminiscent of screen printed poster designs of the 1960s & 70s.
Parra`s work has been shown not only in museum but also succesfully used for the advertisement campaign for Nike, Ben & Jaerry`s, Volks Wagen, MTV, Heineken.
Parra の作品は美術館のみならず、広告デザイナーとしても成功を収め、Nike、Ben & Jerry’s、フォルクスワーゲン、MTV、コカコーラ、ハイネケンといっ
Parra also co-runs Rockwell, his own skate wear clothing label, has his own hotly tipped electro band called LeLe and regularly exhibits his works around the globe.
展覧会タイトル(Title of the show):AMSTERDAM
東京都渋谷区神宮前5-11-1 2F (cafe d ining HOME 2F)
会期:2010 年11 月6 日( 土)~11 月14 日( 日)
11:00 – 19:00
オープニングパーティー : 2010 年11 月6 日( 土) 18 : 00 – 21 : 00
Opening Party!!!