Atmosphere would like to report everyone about the solo-show of Ryuta Iida which is currently shown at Takuro Someya Contemporary Art. Please take a breath and look into his beautiful works with special care to the details and his sensitivity. His commitment towards the craftsmanship is just amazing.
Atmosphereでは、現在Takuro Someya Contemporary Artにて展示中の飯田 竜太の個展のレポートを御報告致します。息を大きく吸って、彼が作り出す繊細で細かな所にも配慮がなされた作品を是非ご覧ください。彼の作品におけるクラフトへの力の入れようは本当に素晴らしいものとなっています。
「verbalizes –出会えないから言葉で–」
Ryuta Iida
“verbalizes -because I can’t see you-”
Nov 6 (Sat) – Dec 4 (Sat), 2010
Venue : Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Tokyo
Opening reception : Saturday, 6th November, 6-8PM
“verbalizes -出会えないから、言葉で-”
2010年11月6日(土)〜 2010年12月4日(土)
会場 : Takuro Someya Contemporary Art, Tokyo
オープニングレセプション : 2010年11月6日(土) 6-8PM
Ryuta Iida was born in 1981 in Shizuoka. He is now living and working in Aomori. After graduating from sculptor course at Nihon Univerity College of Art, Iida started to collect old and valuable books. He has been creating his work by curving them.
Iida took grand prize at graphic Hitotsubo competition in 2004. Since then he has been involved in numerous projects aroud the world. His work wich was used for the invite for the collaborative work between Comme des Garson and Ai Weiwei is still fresh in our minds.
飯田氏は、2004年にグラフィック一坪展グランプリを受賞しその後も世界各国で作品を展示してきました。Comme des GarsonとAi WeiweiのDMシリーズの一つに作品が採用されたことは、私たちの記憶に新しい作品の1つです。
Also, the collaborative work as “NERHOL” which is the unit with designer Yoshihisa Tanaka has been catching the collective eye as his another approach in his art activity.
Exhibition contained latest work of his series of works he has been working on called “ornament of book”.
今回の展覧会では、飯田竜太の作品を象徴するシリーズともなっている「ornament of book」の新作も発表されます。
The book might have been in someone`s shelf. The passage of time the book experienced and the time author took to write cross over. Then, Iida crosses different time over it by curving the book to create un-readable sclupture and to put new meaning on it.
iida has been trying to search / achive his work making under the subject of “Creation” and “Distruction”. This subject became his energy and he is continuously serching for the meaning within his art practice by this activity. The number of book he curved is countless. He told us that it might be not the number of books he curved but is the content of book or mening of the book he curves. But then, the meaning of book it self is not so importnat for him either. There are continuous questioning he has through his activity.
Latest work with post card. It is sentimental and delicate piece.
Another new work which are Iida`s new media that he started to curve. It is a text book for the calligraphy.
Past show of Nerhol from below link: