Atmosphere would like to introduce Carolin Loebbert who is participating in ISETAN girl`s sweet project “yum yum art!”. “yum yum art!” is collaborative project between 6 world populat girl`s artists and sweet companies. Those sweets are currently shown and available at ISETAN Department Store.
アトモスフィアでは、世界各国で活躍する女性アーティスト6人が、スウィーツの世界で競演するという企画「yum yum art!」に参加頂いたカロリン・ロバートさんにインタビューを致しました。「yum yum art!」のスウィーツは、伊勢丹にて展示・販売されています。
Question 1: Please tell us about yourself.

I was born in 1981 in Haltern in Germany. I grew up on the country side. As a child I loved to draw the horses which trotted on the meadow in front of your house. That’s maybe why I started to study illustration in 2002. In 2008 I graduated at the University of Applied Sciences (Department Design) in Hamburg. In 2005 I passed an exchange semester at the »école supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg« (ESAD). I participated in several international groupexhibitions for example in Tokyo, Kyoto or Berlin. I love to do exhibitions and to get in contact with other people to talk about art, design, drawings etc. At the moment I am working for different magazines, anthologies or agencies. Currently I am working as artist, illustrator and graphic designer in Hamburg.
Caroline`s latest work Porcelin Series
Question 2: When do you get inspiration when you work on projects

Inspiration is a very absconding thing, you can not really summon it I think. Very often I get my inspiration when I am outside, going for a walk for example. Talking to people, listing to music, looking arround in a dusty, gloomy antique shop can summon inspiration too. I like old stuff that allready has got a history, old porcelain with little cracks, or antique frames with crumbling ornament battens. All these old things can evoke memories. Sometimes boredom is the start of inspiration. When you do nothing special, your mind can start auricularly to grub in buried memories and thoughts, to pic out some of them an bring them to the surface.
Question 3: Why did you start to make porcelain series.

Each year in summer we realise a selfpublished magazine called »Spring«. The magazine always got one special subject, this year it was »family silver«. I immediately knew that I wanted to work with porcelain, because this material is connected to family for me. My mother collects porcelain plates with bird motifs. At home in the lobby there is an old wooden cupboard where my mother exposes all these porcelain plates. Porcelain is also connected to our everyday life. We eat from porcelain soup plates, drink from porcelain cups and serve our dinner in porcelain dishes, all these habits are connected with family traditions. That’s quite inspiring I think.
Question 4: How do you think about the influence of technology in your work?

I’ve got the feeling each second there is a new tool for photoshop, you could use. And rapidly new programms are launched on the market. This is quite impressing but of course you always have to measure what’s really reasonable and what’s a gadget.
Question 5: Do you have any episode that you want to tell us regarding to the memory of you in connection with nature?

There are so many experiences with nature I made during my childhood. I do remember that in midsummer, by nightfall, my sister and me we threw acorns or small stones into the nightsky. Like that we attracted the interest of bats, which thought that these litte stones were booties like moth or insects. Sometimes the bats flew directls over our heads, it was so thrilling.
Question 6: What is your Favorite tool to draw?

I’ve got a favourite pencil which I use to draw with. It’s a very simpel pencil made from plastic, which has got a changeable lead. I love to use the 0.7 2B lead. I always use it, to do my sketches. I use this pencil since several years now, I hope it sustains some more years.
0.7 2Bの芯が大好きで、スケッチを描くときにいつも使います。この鉛筆はすでに何年か使っているので、あと何年かもつといいなと思っています。
Question 7: Where is your favorite place in Hamburg?

I like the »Volkspark«. It’s a forest near the place where I live.
Question 8: Who is the artist you admire?

There are lots of recent and acient artists I admire. I like the work of Walton Ford for example, I saw it at the »Hamburger Bahnhof« in Berlin several month ago. I was overwhelmed. It’s such a brilliant mixture of using oldstyle technique composed with modern elements. I couldn’t stop to look at the pirctures, there are so many hidden details in his work, it’s amazing.
古今東西、尊敬しているアーティストは大勢います。例えばウォルトン・フォード(Walton Ford)。ベルリンのハンブルグ・バンホフ(Hamburger Bahnhof)で、何ヶ月か前に見たのですが、古来のテクニックと現代の要素を見事にミックスした素晴らしいスタイルで圧巻でした。隠されたディテールがいくつもあって、絵から目が離せませんでした。
Question 9: What are 5 favorite things you do?

Playing Basketball. Scrolling through books with old, acient drawings of animals, flowers, birds, uniforms, palms, fruits… Eating homemade pancakes. Watching soccer games of the german national football team on TV with my friends or my family, drinking Alsterwasser. Going to the Sauna. ( Sauna can be compared to Onsen in Japan.)
バスケットボールをすること。大昔の動物や花、鳥やヤシの木、フルーツの絵が描かれている本を見る事。自家製パンケーキを食べる事。ドイツのナショナルチームのサッカー・ゲームを家族や友達とアルスターバッサー(Alsterwasser – ビールをレモネードで割った飲料)を飲みながらテレビでみること。サウナに行く事 (ドイツでサウナは日本の温泉のようなものなのです。)
Questions 10: Please show us your working space!

I am sending you some photos of my recent working space. I hired a working space in a big hall together with two artists, an illustrator and two scenographers.