— Atmosphere interviewed Emi Fukuyama who is participating in a group exhibition featuring 5 female photographs in Japan, ‘POV FEMALE Tokyo‘ held at CALM & PUNK GALLERY.
— アトモスフィアでは今回、CALM & PUNK GALLERYにて開催されている、女性フォトグラファー5名によるグループ展’POV FEMALE Tokyo‘に参加している福山えみさんにインタヴューを行いました。

1 / 福山えみとは?自己紹介をお願い致します。
1 / Emi Fukuyama, please introduce yourself.
Hello, my name is Emi Fukuyama. I take photography and present them.

「しずまないうちに/Before Sunset Comes」

2 / いつから写真撮影を始めましたか? また、そのキッカケは?
2 / When did you start photography? What made you start?
I started taking photos like I do now, 8 years ago when I began to attend a photography school.

「しずまないうちに/Before Sunset Comes」

3 / 今までの活動で最も印象に残っている被写体や写真に収めた出来事、風景を三つ教えてください。


3 / What were the 3 most impressionistic person or an incident or a scenery that you have ever photographed?
The first 3 things that come to mind.
1) The moment when I pressed down the shutter to take a picture of the futons being dried in the hallway outside of my apartment, a man walked out of his apartment door and got in the shot.

2)The fact that, after taking photos of the local men at a summer festival in my father’s home town, how although I did not get anybody’s name, through the network of my aunts and uncles and friends, we were able to figure out everybody’s name and hand each one a copy of the prints.

3)The time when I was walking and photographing a town in Europe and found a scenery that looked exactly like a residential place I know in Machida (a town in Japan outside of Tokyo) and feeling very strange while I photographed.

4 / 自身のフォトグラファーとしての活動の中で最も気持ちがいい瞬間を教えてください。
4 / What is the best feeling you get as a photographer.
The moment when I cut the shutter, when I find an incredible moment while I walk around to shoot.

「月がついてくる/The Moon, Following Me」

5 / 被写体や、その環境は日常の中から見つけ出しますか? もしくは特別に作り出す物でしょうか?
5 / Do you find your subjects for your photography in everyday life, or do you create something for it?
Since I always photograph while walking in a town I have never visited before, the subject is not a part of my everyday life, but I photograph with the wish to see a glimpse of the everyday life of the place I am photographing.

「月がついてくる/The Moon, Following Me」

6 / あなたにとって、写真とは?
6 / What is photograph to you?
What connects me to the world (both the outer world and the inner world) .

7 / 写真家としての醍醐味は?
7 / What is the best thing about being a photographer?
Getting various responses about my photos.

「A Trip to Europe」

8 / この1週間で一番笑った瞬間は?
8 / What was the funniest moment for you this week?
When my old school mates and I talked about our memories for 4 hours.

「A Trip to Europe」

9 / 今回の’POV FEMALE Tokyo‘では、フランス人のアートディレクターがキュレーションし、グループ展が行われ、写真集も出版されましたが、この企画はあなたにとって、どのような挑戦となりましたか?
9 / The POV Female project is curated by an French art director to create a photography book and hold a n exhibition. Were there any challenges that you faced?
It was a challenge to create a book with somebody that I had not met yet. It was a little difficult because of the language barrier, but there was a mutual understanding between us regarding the photography so I thought it went very smoothly.

10 / 今後、写真家としてどのような挑戦をされたいですか?
10 / What sort of challenges would you like to take on in the future as a photographer?
I want to expand my field so that I can present my work to more people and make new discoveries.

11 / あなたのワークスペースを見せて下さい!!
11 / Please show your workspace!!