— Atmosphere interviewed Mirai Hara who is participating in a group exhibition featuring 5 female photographs in Japan, ‘POV FEMALE Tokyo‘ held at CALM & PUNK GALLERY.
— アトモスフィアでは今回、CALM & PUNK GALLERYにて開催されている、女性フォトグラファー5名によるグループ展’POV FEMALE Tokyo‘に参加しているはらみらいさんにインタヴューを行いました。

1 / はらみらいとは?自己紹介をお願い致します。
1 / Mirai Hara, please introduce yourself.
My name is Mirai Hara.

2 / いつから写真撮影を始めましたか? また、そのキッカケは?
デザイナーの両親の影響もあり、ウチに一眼カメラがあったので 14歳くらいから写真を撮り始めました。
2 / When did you start photography? What made you start?
I was influenced by my parents who were designers. We had a singe ref camera at home and I started taking photos with it when I was around 14. I decided that I wanted to become a photographer then, and went to study photography for 3 years in LA.

3 / 自身のフォトグラファーとしての活動の中で最も気持ちがいい瞬間を教えてください。
3 / What is the best feeling you get as a photographer.
The moment when I hit the shutter.

4 / 被写体や、その環境は日常の中から見つけ出しますか? もしくは特別に作り出す物でしょうか?
4 / Do you find your subjects for your photography in everyday life, or do you create something for it?
I take photos with a concept. With a conscience, not unconsciously.

5 / あなたにとって、写真とは?
なくてはならないもの。でも ありすぎてもこまるもの。
5 / What is photograph to you?
Something I can’t live without. But can’t have too much of, either.

6 / 写真家としての醍醐味は?
6 / What is the best thing about being a photographer?
When others and I are able to relate to one another.

7 / 今回の’POV FEMALE Tokyo‘では、フランス人のアートディレクターがキュレーションし、グループ展が行われ、写真集も出版されましたが、この企画はあなたにとって、どのような挑戦となりましたか?
根気よく 丁寧にしてくださったおかげで、とっても素敵な作品が出来上がったと思います。Damien(POV FEMALE キュレーター)に感謝の気持ちでいっぱいです。
7 / The POV Female project is curated by an French art director to create a photography book and hold a n exhibition. Were there any challenges that you faced?
It was not easy to communicate out thoughts just emailing each other when we had never met before, but Damien (curator fot POV Female) was very patient with me and as a result I feel that we have created something very nice. I am filled with gratitude towards him.

8 / 今後、写真家としてどのような挑戦をされたいですか?
8 / What sort of challenges would you like to take on in the future as a photographer?
I would like to create work that will make other people happy and not just me.