A creative network built up over ten years

We have built strong connections, in Japan and overseas, with hundreds of energetic creative talents.



GASBOOK, a guide to cutting-edge creativity all over the world, was born.

As the era of desktop computing took hold, GASBOOK was created, as a medium for bringing new art and design ideas together, from all corners of the world. Rejecting traditional magazine and book formats, T-shirts, DVDs and CD-ROMS were used to collect the best new creations in Japan and abroad, compiled in an original package for each release. GAS creative products, were sold in Japan and overseas, in art and design stores and selected shops such as New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Tate Modern, and Paris’ exclusive art and design shop – Collette, creating a stir everywhere.



Transition from the GASBOOK series to GASPROJECT

In order to strengthen the messages from divers international creative cultures, already introduced by GASBOOK, multiple media such as magazines, shops, books, DVDs, T-shirts, events, the internet, and TV programs, have been simultaneously launched. By January 2004, three magazines, twenty-eight DVDs,

fifty T-shirt designs and fourteen books had been developed, building a worldwide network of creative minds.



Gas As Interface emerged as a mechanism for bringing the full potential of Gas Project to fruition.

Gas As Interface was launched to serve as a platform that bridges society’s needs and the creative resources that can meet those needs.

The company mobilises its existing creative network, in order to offer variety of services, including licence management, product planning, creative co-ordination, promotional sales campaigns, media production and many more.




  • 1996年


    GASBOOKはパーソナルコンピュータが普及し始めた時代に、新しく生まれたアートとデザインを世界各地に伝えるメディアとして誕生しました。雑誌、書籍の形をとらず、国内外の新々気鋭の作品をTシャツ、 DVD、CD-ROMにまとめ、毎回斬新なパッケージデザインに収録しました。ニューヨーク近代美術館(MOMA)やテートモダン、パリの有名セレクトショプ「Colette(コレット)」をはじめ、国内外のアート、デザインショップ、セレクトショップ等で販売し注目を集めました。




  • 2001年


    GASBOOKで紹介してきた世界各地のクリエイティブカルチャーをより強く伝えていくために、マガジン、ショップ、書籍、DVD、Tシャツ、イベント、WEB、テレビプログラムといった複数のメディアの同時展開をスタートしました。2004年1月までに、マガジン3誌、DVD 28タイトル、Tシャツ50型、BOOK 14タイトルを展開し、世界各地のクリエイターとのネットワークを築きました。


  • 2004年2月

    GAS PROJECTの装置としての機能を最大化するべく、ガスアズインターフェイス誕生。