Daydream Nationといえば、2シーズンにわたりロンドンICAを会場スポンサーに発表したコレクションが高い評価を得た香港発のファッションレーベル。2008 A/W “good night deer”コレクションの映像、そしてメイキング映像が公開されました!!
Hong Kong’s fashion label “Dream Nation” attracted a lot of press attention with their theatre-themed catwalk shows at ICA, London. Here are the videos from the 2008 A/W “good night deer” as well as the making of it!
Daydream Nation 2008 A/W “good night deer”
14th-15th February, 2008, at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

DAYDREAM NATION making of “good night deer” (Filmed by Mike Chan)