1001069991002 1 GROOVISIONS
1002069991002 2 BIG ACIVE
1001069991202 3 GEOFF McFETRIDGE
1001069990203 4 TOM HINGSTON STUDIO
1003069991002 5 TOMATO
1001069991203 6 ILLDOZER
1004069991002 7 UKAWA NAOHIRO
1005069991002 8 BLUE SOURCE
1006069991002 9 RYAN McGINENESS
1001069991102 10 WORK IN PROGRESS
1001069990703 11 MIKE MILLS
1001069990803 12 ELISABETH + LAURENT
1001069990404 13 JULIE VERHOEVEN
1001069990903 14 WARREN & NICK
1001069990704 15 GENEVIEVE GAUCKLER
1001069990804 16 MAROK
1001069991104 17 PAM / FERGADELIC
1001069990505 18 H5
1001069990405 19 MADSAKI / JUN TAKAHASHI
1001069990605 20 SUSUMU & WILL
1001069990206 22 NAGI NODA
1001069990406 23 KUNTZEL+DEYGAS
1001069990506 Atmosphere 03
1001069991206 24 HIDEKI INABA
1001069990507 Atmosphere 04

GASBOOK 01″GROOVISIONS”Don’t try to pin this design unit down to graphic media. They are equally as deft creating sound, film or fashion as they are molding motion graphics. The first issue of Gasbook rounds up their broad-ranging activities into four sections: “Sound”, “Number”, “Box”, and their bestknown character, “Chappy”.

GAS BOOK 02″BIG ACTIVE”No other studio in London is receiving so much attention for their art direction, graphic design and creative management. Big Active works as widely as their name suggests, from their CD jackets for Basement Jaxx and Simian to print, fashion, leisure and lifestyle-related projects. This is the first collection of their work.

GAS BOOK 03″GEOFF McFETRIDGE”McFetridge straddles the fields of textile design, painting, silk screening, furniture and product design. Big-name clients who have commissioned his work include X-Large, Stussy, Sophia Coppola, Spike Jonze and Marc Jacobs. This issue contains sections focusing on the genres of “Poster”, “Video”, “Product”, “T-shirts” and “Exhibition”.

GAS BOOK 04″TOM HINGSTON STUDIO”This man’s freelance work for EMI, Katherine Hamnett, Dorado Records and the Blue Note Clubs set him up to establish his own Tom Hingston Studio. There, he continues to create both commercial and personal artwork. Clients include Massive Attack, Robbie Williams and Nuphonic; many may remember his advertorials for Christian Dior. This is the first retrospective of his work.

GAS BOOK 05″TOMATO”This London-based design collective famously includes members of the musical group Underworld. Gasbook 05 collects the creations of a design team whose cutting-edge visuals are just as fresh at the beginning of the 21st century as they were in the twilight of the 20th. This volume contains graphics and sketches you won’t see anywhere else.

GAS BOOK 06″ILLDOZER”This is the first and last compilation of artworks from a design team which has sadly announced their disbanding this year. During their existence, however, Illdozer were responsible for seminal CD artwork for Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her and ECD, book covers, magazine editorial design and even the Illdozer Jeans clothing line.

GAS BOOK 07 ”UKAWA NAOHIRO”Ukawa has made a career of producing artwork and videos for musicians from the Boredoms to Tei Towa and Supercar. This self-styled “media rapist” hasn’t stopped there, however, and also turns heads as a designer, writer, VJ and DJ, among other things. This volume collects many graphic and video works as well as rare commentary and anecdotes from Ukawa himself.

GAS BOOK 08″BLUE SOURCE”This creative unit consists of photographers and illustrators who have built a reputation for collaborations of the highest quality. Gasbook 08 looks back on representative works created for the Chemical Brothers, Travis and Adidas.

GAS BOOK 09″RYAN McGINNESS”Commissions from clients such as Sony, IBM, Sega and MTV don’t keep this busy designer from putting time into personal projects encompassing postcards, paintings and sculpture. His unique design concepts are condensed in his book Flatnessisgood, published in 1999. He was responsible for printing color samples onto skateboards, creating a best-seller for street brand Supreme.

GAS BOOK 10″WORK IN PROGRESS”The creators of acclaimed fashion periodical Self Service established this design company to take its activities into the fields of fashion, cosmetics, music and art. Advertising campaigns which feature their art direction include Commes des Garcons Parfum, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Hussein Chalayan, Colette and Virgin Records.

GAS BOOK 11″MIKE MILLS”Mike Mill’s many works include logo/graphic work for X-Girl clothing and CD covers for musicians. The skateboard lifestyle is the origin of his works; his collaborations with Sonic Youth,  Cibo Matto and the Beastie Boys are well-known. His versatile activities include playing in a band and film production. In this work, you will observe the artist’s personal view of the world in a rarely seen, slightly ironic yet sentimental perspective.

GAS BOOK 12″ELISABETH ARKHIPOFF + LAURENT FETES”May 2003 on saleA collaborative monogram of work by Elisabeth Arkhipoff and Laurent Fetis, who are both based in Paris. Elisabeth is an internationally recognized artist, having her work featured in magazines like Vogue Japan and she has also done a solo show at Rocket Gallery in Tokyo. Laurent Fetis, a graphic designer, has worked for Tahiti 80ユs album cover as well as creating graphics for Roman Coppolaユs film メCQモ. The book showcases their selected individual works but also includes their recently made collaborative work.
GAS BOOK 14 メWARREN DU PREEZ & NICK THORNTON-JONESモ Warren and Nick began their collaboration in 1998 and run The Studio from Bricklane in the East End of London. They both work collaboratively for clients mainly from fashion and music industries like Levis, Cartier, Issey Miyake, Bjork and Massive Attack. They have been highly acclaimed internationally and has been participating actively in shows and conferences in Hong Kong, Colette Paris and so on.