One of the leading Japanese graphic Artist called Hiroshi Iguchi is having an exhibition in the record shop called “Turntable Lab Tokyo” for a month. He will show his latest postal work.
Please come and check his work in there.
“Turntable Lab Tokyo” has been only three months since it`s day of opening. They will start new challenge with their motto of “snap decision”. The title of this program is called “Bonus Beats” This is their monthly art exhibition in order to introduce the best art of the month they depict.
12inch 、CD、Tシャツの隣にアートを販売します。
They will sell 12inch records, CD and T-shirts at their stores as well as Art piece next to it.
ロジャー・ヤマハ(Turntable Lab Tokyo)
Rodger Yamaha by Turntable Lab Tokyo
Turntable Lab Tokyo presents “Bonus Beats”
Hiroshi Iguchi
September 1 – 30, 2009
at Turntable Lab Tokyo
opening reception: September 1 >>> 7p-9p yes, we serve beer…
; Turntable Lab Tokyo
東京都渋谷区東1-13-14 渋谷松永ビル1F
T: 03-5778-2870
F: 03-5778-2971
Store Hours: M-T 1p-9p, F&S 1p-11p,
and closed on Sundays!