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“If you can take only one item to a desert island, what would it be?”
“I’d take a camera, of course!”

Masanori Ikeda & Ani Watanabe

TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS IN SHANGHAI is the first show of the series the two travel together.
The two travel together is a project in which Masanori Ikeda and Ani Watanabe travel and take photographs together, using the same camera – a Mamiya 645.
For this project, they took a trip to Shanghai – a city that is currently experiencing radical changes, and where bright modern buildings sit happily amongst colourful classical architecture.
The two artists illustrate what they call ‘the happiest ordinary’ – Ikeda customarily looking at the world of children, and Watanabe dealing with his preferred silent spaces.
Despite the fact that they are travelling together, a delightful difference exists between the work of the two photographers. It’s a photograph and a memory, a record of a journey into the wider world.
*Numbered prints are available for purchase.
There will also be a gallery talk from the two photographers, featuring special guest Hibiki Tokiwa.
Dates: 20th – 31st July 2007
Opening hours: 11am - 7pm
Admission: Free
The exhibition is supported by:
FUJIFILM Imaging Co., Ltd. and Mamiya Digital Imaging Co., Ltd.
*Opening Reception: 20th June, 7pm – 9pm