Calm & Punk Gallery is proud to present refract!—a new exhibition from Yuichi Higashionna. Yuichi Higashionna is an artist who works with a variety of subjects, using different materials and media, all of which play with our optical experience. His work in painting, film and installlation is unconstrained by form or method. Through his art, Higashionna questions our experience of seeing and what we have seen.
In the refract! exhibition, Higashionna will create installations inspired by feelings of “the uncanny” and of being out of place. His creations will provoke audiences to question their familiarity with ordinary everyday objects and phenomena. His humorous, sexy and fun work will be presented on a large scale, utilising the 5-metre high open spaces of the gallery.
He will be presenting several installations, including a new piece from his ongoing chandelier series and a work that incorporates fluorescent lamps, a mirror ball and the gallery floor. The exhibition will also feature a stripe-themed installation using rubber bands and other pieces utilising painting and animation.
To coincide with the exhibition, the artist’s first book will also be released.
Yuichi Higashionna refract!
Exhibition details
Dates: Friday 16th May – 5th June 2008
Opening hours: 11am–7pm
Free admission
Venue: Calm & Punk Gallery
The exhibition is presented by Calm & Punk Gallery in association with Yumiko Chiba Associates.