We would like to introduce “Rumi Shibasaki’s works: Yukata is dynamic of EDO” exhibition at CALM & PUNK GALLERY.

先日7月3日〜6日の4日間CALM & PUNK GALLERYで行われた「芝崎るみの仕事展 ゆかたは江戸のダイナミクス」の展示の様子をお知らせいたします。

rumi03picture: From 1 roll ( around 13m), they create a suite of Yukata.


Rumi has a professional design studio called “Rumix Design Studio” comprised of skillful craftsmen for Japanese traditional attire.
They have created their own original designs and patterns using not only traditional techniques but also modern ways in Yoshiwara,Tokyo.

芝崎るみ氏が主宰を努めるRUMIX DESIGN STUDIOは、和装業界の現場で職人として修業を積んだプロフェッショナルのチームです。東京は吉原の自社アトリエで作成する図案と型紙を元に、日本の伝統技法から近代的な手法までを駆使して、ものづくりを行い、発表し続けています。

rumi02picture:a collaboration of Neon Genesis Evangelion.It’s popular worldwide!


They successfully combined the Japanese anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and Devilman concepts, a collaboration of Japanese anime and Japanese craftsmanship.They participated in an original project of Manga trench and The Lady and The Unicorn at Isetan-Shinjuku department.




photo: They carefully cut washi-paper and starch in Japanese traditional way on  latticed silk threads.



photo: a sharp and thin knife for cutting washi-paper


They started with the original Yukata brand of Rumix Design Studio named “RumiRock”.
They get their designs from the cool styles of Edo and other times from stories and fairy tales.

Street Fashion is adopted by Yukata as they complete the design and shape.
Not only Kimono mania, but other people are also attracted to their brand, they have created 87 designs so far.

They release their products at Isetan- Shinjuku and Mitsukoshi.
Please see the detail below.

RUMIX DESIGN STUDIOのオリジナル浴衣ブランド「RumiRock」は2005年にスタートしました。あるときは江戸っぽい粋や洒落、あるときはお伽噺や物語の世界を織り込みつつ、ストリート ファッションの要素を取り入れたデザインを「ゆかた」という完成されたフォルムに仕上げています。

着物マニアだけではなく和の面白さに引きつけられる多く のファンに育まれ、現在87柄ものデザインを展開しています。伊勢丹新宿店や三越本店等でも販売しているので是非チェックしてみてください。




photo: A skilful Japanese craftsman give very delicate color to cloth using a thin watering can.

A lot of stories are infused in their designs such as classic motif which symbolizes power of animals and  social themes. You can’t find these unique designs at other brands! You will discover something new every time!



rumi06 photo: themed “Ryoma Sakamoto”. There are some motifs such as ocean, a gun, boots and a sword related to him.rumi09 photo: the skull design is also popular.rumi04