This is a blog about 2 GAS staffs who went to the USA for a business trip to say hello to artists who used to work with us before!

On a freeway. The sky was perfectly clear!

Day 1

On the 1st day, we went to Los Angeles, California. It’s a 9 hour flight from Narita to LAX.
It was a great day! The sky was clear and blue. Unlike in Japan, it was not humid and was not raining. We felt refreshed by balmy weather!

Jet lag was not a big deal for us! As soon as we left our baggage at the hotel, we headed for Newport beach all the way south of Los Angeles where there’s a surf brand shop named Almond Surfboards.
Almond is the premier lifestyle brand of the Surfer+Craftsman.  Surfing and craftsmanship are equally vital in shaping the direction of everything they do.  Much of their product development is driven by skilled friends, multi-talented surfers, and craftsmen of all sorts whom they meet along the way.

1日目は、カリフォルニアはロサンゼルスへ。成田からロサンゼルスまでは約9時間の長旅ですが、着いたその日はとても素敵な天気でした。空は澄み渡り、日本のように湿気や雨とはほど遠い空気で、疲れも吹っ飛ぶ気分にさせてくれました。時差ボケも何のその、ホテルに荷物を置いた後すぐに向かうは、市内からひたすら約2時間、車で南下した場所にあるサーフショップ、Almond Surfboardsです。


We used to have a collaboration project with UNIQLO in 2012. The project is called “Free & Swell”. They released various products such as short pants, flip-flop, T-shirts… and it was pretty popular!

2012年にユニクロとのコラボレーション「Free & Swell」にて、スウェット、ショートパンツ、ビーチサンダル、Tシャツ等様々なヒット商品を生みました。

almond2picture: Their shop is located by a yacht harbour and the entire view was amazing!



When you enter the shop, you’ll find an array of colorful surfboards!
Also the interior is super cool and simple. They have a bicycle on display as an attraction. (They also collaborated with a bicycle brand, LINUS.)

Recently, they’ve just released a Lady’s line. They’re also pretty cool and cute. You should check it!




Almond3 Almond4


Even though we had only a few minutes to say hello them, it was a very good opportunity for us to talk to them personally! Thank you, Dave!




esther3Who drew such a cute illustrations…?


Without rest, we headed back to Los Angeles to meet her.
It was already late but she gladly accepted us! Her name is Esther Kim.
She is an illustrator. Her cute and pop illustrations attract a lot of girls all over the world!
She was very excited about her exhibition. It will be her first time to organize an event as a curator. You should check her exhibition!





esther1Girls always love not only her cute illustration, but also her fashion! esther2

People can take a photo in a big i-phone!


Thank you and love you, Esther!!


Continued to Day2…..