Atmosphereでは、ロンドンを拠点に活動しているグラフィックアーティストLucas Donaudのインタビューをお届けいたします。

Atmosphere had an interview with Lucas Donaud based and working in London as a graphic designer.



1.Please introduce yourself to us.
I live and work in London, originally from Bordeaux, France.
I’m mostly working for bands, record labels and promoters, I create posters, album covers…

1 簡単に自己紹介をお願いします。



2.When did you start creating art works? What made you start?
Right after finishing my design studies I realised more and more that graphic design has many different approaches and wasn’t only existing to produce layouts for magazines and packagings for cat food. Music is really important to me and at that time Bordeaux was one of the best cities in France for the psych-garage music scene. I’ve started to focus on what could be my role as a graphic designer, and the link between music and design seemed so obvious that I started making posters for gigs.

2 いつからクリエイティブの世界に入ったのですか?またそのきっかけは何ですか?



3.Please tell us about your latest activities.
I’ve recently been working on a record cover for Strange Hands LP “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”. And a series of gig posters in London for bands such as Christian Bland & The Revelators (Black Angels), Holy Wave, Hell Shovell, Spectrum (Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3), and for a festival called Outta Mind with Night Beats, Cosmonauts, Föllakzoid and many other great bands!

3 一番最近の活動を教えてください。
現在、Strange Handsの”Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things”のアルバムカバーのデザインを手がけています。また、Christian Bland & The Revelators (Black Angels)やHoly Wave、Hell Shovell、Spectrum (Sonic Boom from Spacemen 3)などのロンドンでのライブポスターと、Cosmonauts、Föllakzoid、またミュージックフェスティバル”Outta Mind with Night Beats”のデザインもしています。

Strange_Hands_CSPWDT_Front_Lucas_Donaud Strange_Hands_CSPWDT_Back_Lucas_Donaud
4.When I see your works, most of your works are psychedelic design. How do you think about the influence of 60’s culture or music?
I became interested in psychedelia around the age of 16. I was fascinated with the colours, shapes and subjects used by the artists of the 60’s such as Robert Fried and Wes Wilson.
Their creativity gave me another vision of what could be graphic design and lead me to what I do now.

4 サイケデリックなデザインスタイルが作品の中に多く見られますが、60年代の文化や音楽の影響についてどう思いますが?
16歳の時位からサイケデリックな文学や音楽に興味を持ち始めました。60年代のアーティスト、Robert FriedやWes Wilsonの作品に見られる色使いや形、物に魅了されたのを覚えています。


5.Please let us know 5 musicians who you like recently.
The Magnetix – Mythical garage band from my hometown, Bordeaux.

Francis Bebey – Electronic music from Cameroon.
The Growlers – Psych from Costa Mesa, CA.
Night Beats – Garage psych from Seattle, WA.
Mdou Moctar – Touareg psych from Nigeria.

5 最近の最も気に入ってる5人のミュージシャンを教えてください。
The Magnetix – 地元ボルドーのミシカルガラージバンド
Francis Bebey – カメルーンのエレクトロ音楽
The Growlers – カリフォルニアのコスタメサのサイケ
Night Beats – シアトルのガラージサイケ
Mdou Moctar – ナイジェリアのトアレグサイケ


6.You work for bands and record labels. Especially “Burger Records” and bands from it are main. Please let us know your relationship with them.
I got in touch with Burger Records while I was designing a 7″ for Night Sun (members from: Black Lips, Night Beats and Curtis Harding), then we stayed in touch. 
They are really cool guys with an impressive ambition.

6 バンドやレコードレーベルへの仕事が主なようで、特にBurger Recordsとの関係が深いようですが、彼らとの関係を教えてください。
Night Sun(メンバーは、Black Lips、Night BeatsとCurtis Hardingからによる構成)の7”をデザインしている時にBurger Recordsと知り合ったのがきっかけです。すばらしいビジョンをもった、クールな人達ですよ。


Night_Sun_Burger_Record_A_Lucas_Donaud Night_Sun_Burger_Record_B_Lucas_Donaud
7. What kind of things do you get inspirations from for your art making?
I think the music I’m listening to while I’m working is the main factor for creativity.

The artwork has to be the reflection of the music made by the band.

7 どのようなものからアートのインスピレーションを受けますか?


8.What is the funniest moment that made you laugh in the last 7 days?
A video gathering some moments of Strange Hands’ last European Tour.

8 ここ一週間で一番笑ったことはなんですか?
Strange Handsの最後のヨーロッパツアーの様子を集めたビデオです。



9.Where is your favorite place in London?
The list could be long so I’m only gonna talk about two places: The Alibi & The Shacklewell Arms. Both are in the neighbourhood of Dalston. The two places are a 5 min walk apart from each other, so that makes things easier… 

You’ll get the chance to watch great movies at the Alibi on Mondays night and listen to great psych-garage-heavy during some days of the week.
The Shacklewell Arms is a small venue but great bands are playing there!

9 ロンドンでのお気に入りの場所を教えてください。
The AlibiとThe Shacklewell Armsです。両方ともDalstonの近所で、The AlibiからThe Shacklewellまでは歩いてだいたい5分くらいの距離です。
The Alibiでは月曜日にいい映画を見ることが出来、それ以外の日ではサイケガラージヘビーが聞けます。The Shacklewell Armsは小さい所なのですが、かなりいいバンドが演奏していますよ。


10.Please tell us the most important points in the process of making your art work.
I spend a lot of time searching for images and scanning them.

The images comes from differents sources, are re-worked in order to offer a singular piece.

10 作品を制作する上で、最も重要なことを教えてください。



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