Atmosphere では、ベルリンを拠点に活動するアーティスト、Olaf Hajekのインタビューをお届けいたします。

Atmosphere would like to feature the interview with an artist based in Berlin, Olaf Hajek and his works.


1.Please introduce yourself to us.

My name is Olaf hajek. I am an Illustrator and Painter living in Berlin, working for a divers clientele worldwide.I decompose the borders between authenticity and thought, South American folklore, mythology, religion, history, and geography. More than anything else my work explores the opposition between imagination and reality in the context of western cultures.


Olaf hajekです。ベルリンを拠点に世界中で活動しているイラストレーター兼ぺインターです。私は正確さと思考の間にある境界や北米の民間伝承、神話、宗教や歴史、そして地理を分析しています。私の作品は他の何よりも、西洋文化の前後関係における想像力と現実間の対峙について探求しています。


2.When did you begin to work creatively? What made you start?

I was always painting and drawing..starting as a young my early years in school. I was very much interested in the Impressionists painters and their idea about light. Later I was obsessed with the work of Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele and their combination of beauty with a twist. As a student,  “American Illustration” became my Bible…the approach in illustration that time was so much more artistic as what I was used to see in Germany.




3.When you make your artwork, you never use computer or digital tool. Why you don’t use it?

My creative process is painting. I love the „handcraft“ the paint, the wooden background and the material. For my commercial  jobs the computer becomes a bit of a tool meanwhile. I scan the final work and for some clients I paint all single elements and out them together in photoshop. But this is a new direction.





4.I think one of the features of your artwork is “use of color”. What is color for you?

Color is the most amazing can just transport so many feelings and sensations. But the use of color is the main element of being a painter and my choice of color is of course a very personal choice. I love the more moody and darker range, but I am exited to combine it with bright flashes.




5.Please tell us the important things in the process of making your artwork.

I always start with defining the background. I want to let it look like an old wooden surface. The patina I create is important to start with the final painting. I always like combine different techniques and more simple and more elaborated elements.


まずはじめに背景を決めます。古い木の表面のように私が作った青錆はfinal paintingをはじめるのに重要なのです。常に違った技法やよりシンプルで精巧な要素を組み合わせていくことが好きですね。




6.You have been affected by Native American or African folk art. How these things are reflected in your works?

I was always inspired and touched by the imperfection of beauty and the power of simplicity. That’s why I love so much African and South American folk art and Indian miniatures.
I was always in love with the barber shop signs and the painted advertising walls. These simple paintings had such a sophisticated power.



7.I think you have been involved in the fashion. What is fashion for you?

I don´t consider my self as being a fashion illustrator, But fashion is a big and interesting field, a culture on its own and its wonderful to work for designers and brands. Its a wonderful field of creativity and beauty.






8.Your art works evoke many themes for example nature, society,culture, and race. Is there any consistent theme for you?

I think there is always a bit of the dark side in my paintings… the paintings can look beautiful, but I am glad if the beholder is taking a second look. I was offered a show in Cape Town at a gallery and I was using my impressions of Africa as a departure point for this series of new paintings. I tried to combine a sense of wonder inspired by the continents natural beauty with a darker look at its social and political reality.


9.Please tell us about your future plans.

I got offered 2 exhibitions for next year and a new book project. I am exited about this new opportunities. One would be in my Berlin Gallery and one might be fine for a museum in Poland…..



10.Please show us your working space!