Nerhol is comprised of Yoshihisa Tanaka, who ‘knead’ ideas and Ryuta IIda who ‘carves’ ideas.
Yoshihisa Tanaka biography
Born 1980, Shizuoka.
After graduating from Musashino Art University Tanaka has worked at Tycoon Graphics, before setting up COIL inc. Tanaka makes new symbols and types, by braking up the existing types, and reconstructing them.
Past exhibitions include: HIN to SHINA, Collet Speak for (Tokyo, 2006) Everyday by Collex (Kobe, 2007), Heiwa Shigyo PAPER VOICE, Design Tide GUEST BOOTH.
Nominated for JAGDA 2007 and 2008.
Ryuta Iida biography
Born 1981, Shizuoka.
Graduated from Sculpture, Fine Art Department, Nihon University
Iida makes work with words and types, in other words, accumulations of information. Taking paper and types as a medium, with a perspective of book as a accumulation of time, Iida makes sculptures using books. The results are the extraordinary visuals with delicate details. By making the images inside the books clearer and representing it, Iida visualises the mobility of the included types and information.
Iida won the Grand Prix Prize at the Recruit’s Hitotsubo Exhibition in 2004. Past exhibitions include: fact of accumulation o7, graf media gm (Osaka, 2007) and oratorycal inventory o7, Bunkamura gallery (Tokyo, 2007).