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UNIQLOでもUTレディース販売スタートとなったRansom LimitedのParker Fitzgerald がGAS AS I/Fに遊びにきてくれました!

Parkerはライフスタイルマガジン「KINFOLK」でもフォトグラファーとして活躍し、昨年の9月末に渋谷ROCKETにて、フラワーアーティストのRiley Messinaとのコラボレーションプロジェクトovergrowthの展示も行いました。現在それに関連したブックも製作中です!

Parker is working as a photographer for the life-style magazine “KINFOLK”. In September 2013, together with the flower artist Riley Messina, he exhibited the collaboration project “Overgrowth” at ROCKET, Shibuya, Tokyo. Currently, he is working on a book about the “Overgrowth” project.



His favorite Japanese food is soba.
We went to a soba restaurant, where we tried 3 different kinds of hand-made soba and he loved it!


This is the camera he’s using.
The camera itself is as much visually appealing as his photographs.



Parker is studying Japanese and Japanese people who have been working with him, are teaching him some Japanese words.
This is a cute selection of his favourite Japanese words…



Parker gave us a beautiful poster of the “Overgrowth” project.
His autograph is equally beautiful as the “Overgrowth” images.

また、夏以降にCalm & Punk Galleryでの展覧会も予定しており、これから益々活躍が期待される
フォトグラファー、Parker Fitzgelardに引き続き注目です!

Parker’s works will be exhibited at “Passage”. (Please find the information below.)
An exhibition at Calm & Punk Gallery, Nishi-azabu, Tokyo, is planned to take place this summer.
You should keep your eyes open for his works!

passage#001 with Artist Exhibition会期:2015/3/25 (水) ~ 27 (金)
10:00 ~18:00(最終日のみ 16:00まで)
場所:THE WORKS 2F “Stall Baggage”
東京都目黒区青葉台 3-18-3

会場内では、ポートランドを拠点に活躍し、雑誌「KINFOLK」や「BRUTUS」などで作品を発表しているフォトグラファー “Parker Fitzgerald”がフィルムで撮りためた過去のアーカイブ作品もお楽しみ頂けます。

passage#001 – Artists Exhibition “passage” is an exhibition for women, who are exploring their own original life-style.
“passage” will stimulate woman’s imagination from various perspectives, by providing sophisticated and beautifully made products, elegant fashion design, accessories, life-style products and traditional crafts, from domestic and overseas brands.
Opening hours:2015/3/25 (Wed) ~ 27 (Fri)
10:00 ~18:00(Last day until 16:00)
Participants:15~20 Brands(planned)
Venue:THE WORKS 2F “Stall Baggage”
3-18-3 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan

At “passage”, Photographer Parker Fitzgerald’s photo archive will be exhibited.

PROFILE : Parker Fitzgerald
『KINFOLK』『BRUTUS』『CASA BRUTUS』『NYLON』『madameFIGARO』『MilK』『Coyote』などで作品を発表している。

PROFILE : Parker Fitzgerald
Working in Portland, Oregon, US.

Parker Fitzgerald is an internationally published photographer based in Portland, OR. He strives for purity and authenticity in his work, preferring the use of film cameras over digital. Originally coming from a background in business, graphic design and illustration, Parker is now entering his fifth year as a photographer.
His images have appeared in numerous publications worldwide, including Kinfolk, HUGE, BRUTUS, Casa BRUTUS, Nylon, WIRED, Madame Figaro, MILK, COYOTE and more.

Parker Fitzgelard
Calm & Punk Gallery: