Atmosphere would like to announce the event which will be held by Suzuki Yuri and Åbäke.
この二組が新たなプロジェクトとして設立した架空の企業”SUZUKI ÅFFICE”が主催する社内バーを1週間のみCLEAR EDITIONのスペースで公開されます。
This two artists will open the bar inside fictional company called “SUZUKI AFFICE” for a week. This comany was established as a new project.
様々な視点でデザイン/音楽/出版/料理などの要素を再構築するÅbäkeと、アート/デザイン/音を素材として取り込み作品発表を続けているスズキ ユウリのコラボレーションプロジェクトは見逃せません。
Åbäke reconstruct the design, music, publication and cooking using there diverse ideas. yuri Suzuki has been taking in the element of art, design and sound as material for her art practice. this such an interesting collaboration of two different artists are too good to miss.
SUZUKI ÅFFICE official company web-site :
Please be aware that this event is opened as bar therefore opening time is different to usual time.
スズキ ユウリ—————————————–
明和電機のアシスタントワークの後、英国、ロイヤル・カレッ ジ・オブ・アートのデザイン・プロダクト学科を卒業。現在、ロンドンを拠点にヨーロッパ、アメリカ、メキシコ、インド等活動の場を広げボーダーレスなデザイン、アートプロジェクトを行っている。同時に世界最古の電子楽器「テルミン」奏者、DJとしても活躍中。2009年には先端芸術の祭典ARS electronicaにて栄誉賞を受賞。
About Yuri Suzuki:
Born in 1980. Designer / Sound Artist
After working as an assistant for Meiwa Denki, she studied at Product Design Course at Royal College of Art. Now, she is based in london and has been working on numerous borderless design / art project in places such as Europe, USA, Mexico, India etc… At the same time, she is known as Theremin player and DJ. In 2009, she got honor award in the leading art ceremony ARD electronica.
またアバケは12もの仮の名で活動をしており、その代表的なものがKitsuné、 Social Pasta、Trattoria & Dent De Leoneになります。
メンバーは Patrick Lacey (英国)、Kajsa Stahl(スウェーデン)、Benjamin ReichenとMaki Suzuki(フランス) ,
※abake : supported by Tokyo Wonder Site :
Åbäke is a creative group consists of 4 artists who is living and working in LONDON. Their work is cross over work between art and design. Most of their design has a lot of meaning in the social significance and has been working on numerous projects all over the world. All of their work and objects are made to show the truth or realistic narrative. Åbäke is working on their activity in 12 different names and the Kitsuné, Social Pasta, Trattoria & Dent De Leone is the distinctive ones.
an exhibition by Yuri Suzuki & Åbäke*
Saturday 13 February —Saturday 20 February 2010
Reception: Saturday 13 February, 18:30—21:30
Clear Edition & Gallery
Place Aoyama, 4—2—5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150——2 , Japan
Thursday—Friday 17:00—21:00
Saturday—Sunday 12:00—20:00
Monday—Wednesday: Closed
*Supported by Tokyo Wonder Site