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Ryudai Takano Yuragi

CALM & PUNK GALLERY is proud to announce the solo exhibition by the photographer Ryudai Takano.
The passing of time is not experienced at a constant speed. It speeds up, slows down, stretches and shrinks, in accordance with our changing moods. In this exhibition, the artist looks at time and its altered perceptions. Photography is, in other words, a moment that is chosen then frozen. For a photographer, ‘time’ is a film, comprised of such separate moments. It does not flow, but is a fragmented sequence.
This exhibition features a selection of films that the artist has created over the years, featuring new works as well as pieces that were exhibited in Paris Photo 2008. For the artist, this will be his first installation using projectors and TV monitors. It will be an exhibition that will push his boundaries. The exhibition will offer the opportunity to explore the delicate and sensual photographic vision of Takano, how he perceives time and expresses it in his work.
Ryudai Takano ‘Yuragi
7th – 26th November 2008
Opening party: Saturday 8th November 2008, 6–8pm
Opening hours: 11am–7pm
Admission Free
In association with Yumiko Chiba Associates
In cooperation with ZEIT-FOTO SALON
Photo:From the series ‘PARA-PARA’ © Takano, Ryudai
Courtesy : Yumiko Chiba Associates / ZEIT-FOTO SALON