Katsuki Tanaka, manga artist
Born in 1966 in Osaka. Katsuki Tanaka studied visual design at Kyoto Seika University and started his career as a manga artist in 1985. After graduation, Tanaka ran a theatre company and also worked as a TV script writer. In 1994, with his CG animation “Kaeruman,” he launched his career as a film artist. Publications include “BAKA DRILL” and “OSSU ! TONCO-CHAN” (Fusosha Publishing Inc.). The DVD “SUNDAY” includes his film pieces. He also exhibited work in “Roppongi Crossing 2007 — Future Beats in Japanese Contemporary Art” (Mori Art Museum, Tokyo).
His new books “New BAKA DRILL” vol. 1 and vol.2 will be released in November, and his new DVD ‘ALTOVISION’ will be released in December.