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‘CALM & PUNK BOOK #1 ten_do_ten’

The Fun of Seeing
CALM & PUNK GALLERY known as an alternative gallery space to hold many exhibitions since its establishment in 2006, is publishing an original art book series entitled “CALM & PUNK BOOK”.
The first of the series is a never-before-seen, all-slanted pixel picture book by Japanese pixel designer, ten_do_ten.
Best designs were selected from over 10000 designs uploaded daily on the designer’s web site and then slanted for the book. This is an enthusiastic work by the designer who broke the rule of all past works, which have been based on vertical and horizontal rules of the pixel screen.
A pixel world is unfolded in this picture book, -a media that is a sculpturesque printed material for children.
With contradictory elements and designs coming to fruit, such as “simple depiction with complicated emotional expression”, “hard form with humorous ambience”, “anyone can do it but no body can”, “contemporary method to return to the classic”, “highbrowe and scum to the bottom”, this is a “picture book and a book of pictures” full of fun and pleasures of seeing.
CALM & PUNK Book #1 ten_do_ten
Product Information
Hard cover : 64 pages
Size : A4 210mm(L)×300mm(W)
Price : 1,800yen+tax
ISBN : 978-4-9904440-1-3