Groovisions, an acclaimed multi-disciplinary design team established around

1993, is famous for its Chappie character. Originally the team, headed by

Hiroshi Ito, organised and VJ’d at club events for which they produced

flyers as a way of showcasing their work. Now their activities include

packaging, fashion, film, web design and art direction. Chappie, the uni-sex

virtual idol, is also a household name in Japan. Ageless and genderless,

Chappie has appeared in fashion and art magazines and advertised products.

S/he debuted as a virtual idol singer in 1994 and released a CD in 1999.

Originally created as a computer game character that allowed you to change

its clothes, hair and colouring, while the features remained the same,

Chappie first became three-dimensional in 1998. S/he follows all the latest

trends and has various manifestations, i.e., as hi-fi speakers, as an

inter-active version you can draw on, as a pachinko machine, a popular

gambling device in Japan. Whereas you could buy Chappie in shops, soon s/he

will only be available at Groovision exhibitions. Recently spotted at

Colette in Paris, and as part of Murakami’s exhibition, Superflat, in the

USA, Chappie makes its UK debut at JAM.