Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO にて、10月14日よりHouxo Que須賀悠介による2人展『Windows』が開催されます。


1985年にWindows 1.01がリリースされて以降、その名の通りインターネットは社会の「窓」として機能していると言えるでしょう。今回の展覧会タイトルもそれを念頭に付けられています。
例えば、Houxo Queはディスプレイに直接絵具を乗せることで「窓」のこちらとあちらの間にある隔たりを露わにし、須賀悠介は彫る行為によって敢えて木製のディスプレイを現出させることで、「窓」はただのモノでしかないということを鑑賞者に強く意識させます。



Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO is pleased to announce the opening of our October to November exhibition, “Windows,” featuring the two artists, Houxo Que and Yusuke SUGA.

Upon the release of Windows 1.01 in 1985, just as its title suggests, the Internet has no doubt functioned as a “window” into society. As its focus, the title for this exhibition has this concept in mind as well.
Even in contemporary art, as the choices in mediums and techniques continue to expand, it is not surprising that the Internet has come to be held as a motif in artistic expression.
For example, Houxo Que directly applies paint on to monitor displays as a “window” exposing the distance between this world and that world. SUGA, on the other hand, intentionally sculpts displays out of wood as a powerful reminder to viewers that a “window” is in actuality, just an object.For this exhibition, we are pleased to invite you to view the completely different approaches to the concept of a “window” by two artists as they come face to face in a single space.

Collaboration with “Japan Media Arts Festival 20th Anniversary Exhibition”

Houxo Que / ホウコォキュウ
須賀悠介 / Yusuke SUGA

会期 : 2016年10月14日(金) – 11月13日(日)
Exhibition period : 14th Oct. (Fri.) – 13th Nov. (Sun.), 2016

木曜日 – 日曜日 12時 – 19時開廊 ※月・火・水 休廊
Open : thu. – sun. 12:00 – 19:00 *Closed : mon. tue. wed.

レセプション・パーティー : 10月15日(土)18:00 – 20:00 入場無料
Reception Party : 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. on 15th Oct. , 2016
The artist will be present. Free admission.

会場 : Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO
101-0021 東京都千代田区外神田6-11-14
3331Arts Chiyoda 207 号
tel・fax 03-6803-0248