Atmosphere would like to report the group exhibition which Jonathan Zawada took part in.
Please enjoy his beautiful new work only shown in LA!
LAでJonathan Zawadaが参加したグループエキシビジョンのご紹介を致します。
Atmosphere have asked couple of question to jonathan in regards to this show.
Here’s the Questions and Answers;
Q1. What is the name of your show?
The exhibition was titled ‘It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy’, I titled my group of works ‘Can the Drummer Give Some Back’ which is also the title of a zine that Sixpack will be printing of works associated with the show.
エキシビションのタイトルは”It Was On Earth That I Knew Joy” (訳:「喜びを知っていた地球でのことだった」)。作品群のタイトルは”Can the Drummer Give Some Back”にし、これはSixpackがプリントをするエキシビションと関係がある作品を集めたジンと同じタイトルなんだ。
Q2. What is the concept of your new work?
The concept of the new work is something I have been calling ‘Cultural Entropy’ – it explores the idea that arts and culture are – like the thermodynamic universe – forever heading towards total disorder. With each generation of artists, their points of inspiration become more diluted, varied and fractured and the work the artists generate is in turn, more diluted, less pure and less capable of doing useful work for society.
作のコンセプトは、ボクが”Cultural Entropy”(訳「文化的無秩序化・衰退」)と呼んでいるもので、アートとカルチャーは、熱力学的宇宙と同様、完全な無秩序へ永遠に向かっている、という意味なんだ。各世代のアーティストのインスピレーション・ポイントはどんどん希釈されていき、変化し、破砕されていく。だから、そのアーティストが生み出す作品も同じように希釈さていて、ピュアさにも欠けるし、社会にとって意義ある仕事をする可能性どんどん低くなっている、ということ。
I absolutely loved the exhibition, Lionel of Sixpack, who created the show managed to bring together a really wide variety of people who, to my eyes were creating really interesting and surprisingly deep and thoughtful work. It was really exciting to be able to participate in an exhibition on the other side of the world from my home city and it almost felt like I was having an exhibition for the first time again. The crowd seemed really positive and interested and, because I didn’t know anybody in LA, I felt like I could really just relax and enjoy myself and experience it all without being at all self conscious.
Q3 What was the most exciting things about being LA?
To be honest, for me, the most exciting part of being in LA was actually after the exhibition when we got to go on a road trip and drive around California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. We explored so many national parks and experienced the sorts of vast and dramatic areas of nature that only seem to exist in America. We climbed down into the Grand Canyon, wandered into the middle of the Mojave desert and saw coyotes hunting in fresh snow on a Yosemite meadow – all of that was so completely amazing, beautiful and humbling that it has really changed my life I think!
Q4 Please tell us about your future plan!
I’ve just started working on a big group of new work that will be shown in another gallery in LA, Prism Gallery, later this year. The work goes back to concepts of self similarity that I was exploring in my Boolean Values show but in what I feel are more personal and pure ways. I will also be contributing work to a large group show here in Australia called Disorder Disorder which will be at the Penrith Regional Gallery and is curated by Joseph Allen of IzRock. I am also working on a number of other commercial projects which are all quite varied and exciting but I can’t say too much about just yet! A lot of it is international work which is very exciting, I really love working with people from different countries and it is really exciting that we live in a time when I can work with people in Switzerland, London, LA and Tokyo all while I am in Sydney!
新しい作品群にとりかかり始めたばかりで、これはLAのPrism Galleryというところで今年の後半に見せる予定。この作品は、ボクが以前Boolean Valuesというショーで探求していた、自己相似性のコンセプトにさかのぼるんだけど、それよりはボクにとって個人的で純粋なものを対象としている。ここオーストラリでも、Penrith Regional Galleryで開催される”Disorder Disorder”という、IzRockのジョセフ・アレンがキュレーションを勤めるショーにも参加している。それ以外にも様々な商業的なプロジェクトに参加していて、どれも面白いんだけど、今のところはあんまり話せない!多くはインターナショナルな仕事でとても楽しい。違う国の人と仕事をするのが大好きなボクにとって、シドニーに住んでいながら、スウェーデン、ロンドン、LAそして東京の人と仕事ができる時代に生きているなんて、最高だね!
Process of work making:
Jonathan Zawada
About Jonathan Zawada:
Born in Perth, Australia in 1981, Jonathan Zawada works as a graphic designer from his home in Sydney for many music, art and fashion clients such as Ksubi, Modular Records, The Presets, Surface to Air (France), Sixpack (France), RVCA, Nylon (USA), Lodown (Germany), Gas (Japan), Coca Cola and Fanta using a diverse range of mediums from website design to illustration. Jonathan was awarded an Australian Recording Industry Award for best album art in 2008 with The Presets, ‘Apocalypso’ artwork and has participated on several design award judging panels (including AWARD and the Melbourne Art Directors Club) and presented at numerous conferences for design in Australia (Including AGDA and Semi Permanent).
Jonathan is also one third of TRU$T FUN! makers of the backstage fashion comic, Petit Mal! and their self-titled accessory range which is sold worldwide in stores such as Liberty of London and Poepke in Sydney. TRU$T FUN!s list of clients include BMW, V Magazine (New York), The British Fashion Council and Topshop.
Parallel to his professional design work, Jonathan is also a practicing visual artist. He has had solo shows at Monster Children Gallery in Sydney, including ‘Semantic Webs’ in 2005 and ‘Boolean Values’ in 2008 and with collective TRU$T FUN! for the ‘Glory Holes’
exhibition in 2009. He has been a participant in many group exhibitions both within Australia and internationally.
シドニーでデザイナーとして音楽、アート、ファッションを中心としたクライアントの仕事を手掛けている。ウェブサイトのデザインからイラストまで幅広い表現の手法を使い、クライアントにはKsubi、Modular Records、The Presets、Surface to Air、Sixpack、RVCA、Nylon、Lodown、Gas As Interface、コカ・コーラ、ファンタなど多数いる。2008年のAustralian Recording Industry Association Awardsでは、The Presetsの「Apocalypso」のアートワークでベスト・アルバム・アートを受賞。その他にもMelbourne Art Directors Clubの審査員として参加する他、オーストラリアで開催されるAGDA やSemi Permanentなどのデザイン・コンファレンスで作品を発表している。またジョナサンは、バックステージ・ファッション・コミックのPetit Mal!のクリエイターであるTRU$T FUN! の3人のメンバーの1人でもあり、彼らのアクセサリーはロンドンのLibertyやシドニーのPoekpeなど世界中で販売されている。TRU$ST FUN!のクライアントには、BMW、V Magazine、The British Fashion Council、そしてTopshopなどがある。また、デザインの仕事と平行して、ビジュアル・アーティストとしても活動しており、オーストラリア国内外で多数のグループ展および展示会を行っている。
Jonathan`s T-shirts:
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